Robert Boyers

Publications & Articles

Select Publications:

Boyers’ Article, “Proving Brain Injury”
Every parent’s worst nightmare is a catastrophically injured child: A tractor trailer rockets down the roadway out of control, jumps the median and explodes into an innocent family’s mini-van. In the truck’s destructive wake – a crumpled heap of twisted metal and a 12-year-old girl with severe brain damage. (Read More)

Trying Your First Case? Don’t Panic!
You are an experienced trial lawyer who is approached in the courthouse by a young attorney, Joe Greenie, who will soon be trying his first case. You can actually smell his fear. Greenie asks you for sage advice that he can cling to as his parachute when he begins his harrowing and public free fall. What do you tell him? (Read More)

Select Lectures and Publications:

In addition to his numerous lectures and publications, Mr. Boyers has been interviewed on various legal matters by local and national media outlets including a Today Show interview involving a high profile negligent security case.

  • "Navigating Florida's Treacherous Legal Waters," NYSTLA Bill of Particulars, Vol. I, 2017.
  • Crime Prevention and Negligent Security, Lecture North Miami Community Group March 2014
  • "Strategies for Traumatic Brain Injury Cases" and "Cross-Examination of Defendant's Traumatic Brain Injury Expert," Chapters in 2010 Proving Mental and Emotional Injuries, James Legal Publishing;
  • "Cross-Examination of Defendant's Traumatic Brain Injury Expert," Lecture, Miami-Dade Justice Association Past-President's Seminar Lecture, November 2010
  • "Effective Openings, Cross-Examinations and Summations," Lecture, Miami Beach Bar Association luncheon, 2009
  • "Assessing the Risk - When and How to Litigate a Medical Malpractice Case," Florida Justice Association's Jan 2008 Medical Negligence Seminar,Weston, Florida,
  • "President's Message" Dade County Trial Lawyers Association Newsletter (multiple articles, 2007-2008)
  • "Malpractice - The Consequences of Not Listening," Comprehensive Health Solutions', National Summit on Quality/Performance Management and Improvement, Orlando, Fl, Jan 2007
  • "Proving Brain Injury," Originally Published in the South Florida Legal Guide 2007
  • Cross Examination of the Defense Medical Expert," Chairperson and Moderator, Dade County Trial Lawyers Association, 2007
  • "An Affront to Our Civil Justice System," The Miami Daily Business Review (Op Ed) April 23, 2007
  • "Cross Examination of the Adverse Medical Expert," Dade County Trial Lawyers Association, (Re-printed and updated from AJ Cone 2004), Seminar Chairperson and Moderator, Miami, Fl October 2006
  • "Trying Your First Case? Don't Panic!" Originally Published in the South Florida Legal Guide 2006
  • Florida International University College of Law, Mock Trial Judge/Lecturer, 2005
  • Authored Multiple Trial Law articles, Dade County Trial Lawyers Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief, 2002-2004
  • “Cross Examination of the Defense Medical Expert,"AJ Cone Trial Advocacy Institute, Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, " Orlando, Fl August 2004
  • "The Lawyer and the Neuropsychologist - Managing the Process and Each other," International Bar Association Conference, San Francisco, February 2003
  • Techniques for Conducting an Effective Cross Examination of a Neuropsychologist in a Brain Injury Case, International Bar Association Conference, San Francisco, February 2003
  • "Plaintiff's Tactics for Maximizing Damages at Trial,” Damages In Florida Civil Trial Practice, National Business Institute, August 2000, Re-printed 2003.
  • "Advance Trial Skills Seminar," Chairperson and Moderator Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, Orlando, Fl Fall 2003
  • A Few Words on Cross Examination of the "IME" Doctor, Dade County Trial Lawyers Association Newsletter, Miami, Fl, June 2002
  • "Demonstrative Evidence - The Latest and Greatest,"New York State Bar Association, NYC, NY, Printed in Do Or Die - Trial Skills Seminar Volume, May 18, 2001
  • Law and Abnormal Psychology, University of Miami, Guest Lecturer, 1998
  • Psychological Malpractice, University of Miami Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology, Guest Lecturer, 1997
Client Reviews
Rob very successfully represented our family (our son) in a medical malpractice case involving a birth injury where our son suffered brachial plexus at birth.
Rob truly has a passion and an amazing talent for law. His commitment to his clients is truly unwavering and we are forever grateful for the dedication and care that he put into our son's case. Without a doubt it is because of Rob that our son will have opportunities in life he may not have had and will have the resources he needs to make his disablility less of a hindrance for him.
Robert Boyers was recommended to me to handle my slip and fall case. I will be forever grateful to Robert for allowing me to feel that I was in the ‘best possible hands’ throughout the 2+ year process through and including the settlement of the case. Robert’s expertise, professionalism, and compassion were beyond what I observed in the legal field. And, his associate and staff were a fine reflection of Robert’s guidance. Robert was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Rhonda
I hired Mr. Robert Boyers for a wrongful death case involving my father. I wasn’t sure what to do, or procedures to take until I met Mr. Boyers. I can say honestly from my heart I’m very thankful I met this attorney. Losing a father, and feeling lost is the worst feeling anyone would have. Mr. Boyers and his staff was very sincere and compassionate the entire time and then after during my case. Erica
I had a major accident where I sustained many injuries both short and long term. I was referred to Rob Boyers by a friend and I contacted him and he came to my house as I was completely incapacitated. He interviewed myself and my family as to the facts of the case and we subsequently hired him to handle my case as it relates to the insurance and the various medical obligations i was incurring.
To that end I am grateful to him and his services and consider him a friend to this day.