Radiologist Error - Malpractice

Radiologist Error - MalpracticeMiami Medical Malpractice Lawyer Radiologists interpret x-rays, mammograms, CT scans and MRI’s, among other radiological scans. When they misinterpret them, patients can suffer serious or deadly consequences. We see far too many cases where careless radiologists fail to accurately interpret scans and aneurysms are not seen, ulcers are missed, tumors are not detected, breast cancer or other cancers are not diagnosed, intestinal perforations or internal bleeding is not diagnosed or fractures are missed and/or other harmful medical conditions are not identified.

The result of radiologist medical malpractice can too often be a harmful or even fatal delay in the provision of correct treatment. This is why it can be important for more than one physician to look at a scan and not simply have a radiologist interpret a scan while all other doctors, even those who are competent to interpret scans for themselves, simply rely on a written report from a radiologist. Additionally, problems often occur when radiologists do a preliminary or “wet read” of scans. Sometimes, scans are done by x-ray techs in the hospital but reviewed remotely by radiologists, who are not in the hospital, over their computers from home or at some other location. One reason for these errors is that they may be viewing images of inferior resolution and quality. The radiologists then make initial impression reports by phone that upon further review hours or a day later prove to have been inaccurate. Yet, other medical care providers rely on this incorrectly interpreted x-ray, MRI or CT scan.

In medicine, errors of one physician are frequently repeated by others down the line,who mistakenly rely on the initially negligent doctor, in what becomes a fatal chain of error.

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