Orthopedist Error - Malpractice

Orthopedist Error - MalpracticeWe have represented numerous clients who have been harmed by orthopedic surgeon malpractice. Cases of this type, among other medical mistakes committed by these surgeons, include:

  • the failure to diagnose or a harmful delay in diagnosing and treating a fractured bone, tendon rupture or tear, cartilage or ligament tear
  • incorrect placement of orthopedic hardware to repair bone fractures or treat spinal injury or disease, causing bone damage or nerve damage during orthopedic surgery
  • failure to diagnose nerve compression or impingement (e.g., due to a herniated disc in the spine) resulting in severe nerve damage leading to paralysis, and
  • applying a cast in too tight a fashion causing a compartment syndrome. A compartment syndrome is a condition where circulation of blood is cut off to an extremity causing a gangrenous condition and tissue death. If untreated, a compartment syndrome can lead to the need for amputation of a limb.

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