Medication Errors - Malpractice

Medication Errors - MalpracticeMiami Medication Lawyers Medication mistakes injure 1.5 million people and cost billions of dollars annually (Institute of Medicine, National Academies, July, 2006).

As Miami medical malpractice attorneys we understand these medication mistake cases can take many forms: (1) Doctors can prescribe the wrong medication entirely or prescribe an improper dosage or give an overdose of the correct medication; (2) nurses in a hospital may give the wrong medication, despite a correct order by the doctor, or give the wrong dosage of a medication (Note: one reason patients get wrong meds in hospital is that different meds may go in similar looking IV bags - a dangerous practice); (3) pharmacies can wrongly fill, mis-fill or improperly fill a prescription so as to give either the wrong medication or dosage; (4) doctors, nurses or pharmacies can give patients the wrong (“contraindicated”) combination of medications, causing a dangerous interaction of medications; (5) doctors may keep patients on a medication that is toxic to the liver or kidneys for too long and allow medications to cause damage to the liver or kidneys (medical error/medical malpractice causing kidney failure/kidney disease), or (5) Doctors or nurses can give a patient medication to which they are allergic – a mistake that can often be fatal.

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