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Aviation AccidentsThe Florida-based aviation accident attorneys at the Boyers Law Group understand that plane crashes can be devastating and leave grief stricken family members with a host of legal questions. The victims of these catastrophic crashes often are unsure of the investigation process and are unsure of what steps need to be taken to preserve their legal rights. Our experienced plane crash attorneys will thoroughly investigate their claims, immediately preserve their legal rights and aggressively pursue any negligent parties.

Delaying investigative efforts can irreparably compromise a crash investigation. Boyers Law Group attorneys will immediately take action to secure and preserve the critical evidence to be derived from all relevant sources including, among others, the flight management system, flight data recorder, cockpit recorder, ground proximity warning system, air traffic control records, wreckage photographs and videos, maintenance and inspection records, system design schematics, history of product or component part failures, as well as policy and procedure manuals.

Depending on the circumstances, such as whether the aircraft involved was private or commercial and the location of the crash, a variety of government agencies may also be assigned to investigate the crash including the National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration or Department of Justice. For example, the National Transportation Safety Board establishes “go teams” that start investigating immediately after an airplane crash. Attorneys at Boyers Law Group are familiar with each agency’s investigative process and, in concert with its own experts and investigators, ensure that the cause of the crash is determined as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Plane crashes can also occur in a host of different ways, which require different legal theories to support a victim’s claim. Common causes of plane crashes include:

  • Air Traffic Controller Error
  • Pilot Error
  • Aircraft Design Defect
  • Aircraft Mechanical Failure
  • Runway Incursions

Each of these causes can also implicate a host of different potentially liable parties such as the company responsible for the aircraft’s regular maintenance, the manufacturer or distributor of the aircraft’s mechanical parts, the airline, airport, pilot or crew. The experienced aircraft accident attorneys at Boyers Law Group have a team of investigators and experts that are able to identify all the culpable parties responsible for the crash and are ready to champion your family’s case.

Aviation accidents are serious. They result in serious injuries or death and require serious lawyers. The Boyers Law Group only handles a small number of cases at any one time to ensure that each client’s case receives thorough and attentive representation. We have the resources, the experience and the team to successfully litigate your aviation accident case. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an aircraft crash, please contact Boyers Law Group today for a free consultation about your legal rights.

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